Aloha Ashley

Ashley Renee is one of our new stylists here at Salty Mane, and here is a little glimpse into her adventurous world. Ashley is a stylist who currently resides in Venice, California. She grew up in Oak Park, California in a safe and friendly neighborhood. She became inspired to become a stylist at a young age, as she always had a fascination for geometry, color and hair designs, and initially started braiding hair for her Barbie dolls. This passion continued to grow as she practiced style and design on herself, as well as her friends and family. When she was 15 years old she learned that she could make a living doing what she loved, so she invested in a fantastic beauty school (Vidal Sassoon) which students had to be 17 with a high school diploma to attend. So, Ashley worked extremely hard to graduate early and be able to start Cosmo at an early age.

She is inspired by strong and powerful individuals who constantly strive to be the best they can be, as well as anyone who does good for their own life and for others. With all that passion and spunk she has made her hair every color of the rainbow, and she quoted "I love to explore and push the envelope for style and I am a person who learns from living." Ashley loves all music and genres and she states "it just depends on my mood." Currently, she is exploring and discovering new music, for example the song Pretty Lady by Rebelution. Ashley is a skateboarder and often rides to and from work! Ashley wants to continue traveling and meeting more inspiring individuals to discover more about herself and what the world has to offer as she quotes she is an "explorer."

We are happy to have her be apart of our Salty Mane Crew! 


Salty Squad