Unite Addict

Here at Salty Mane we completely addicted to Unite products which are made with almost all natural ingredients, are 100% sulfate free, and are cruelty free! Unite carries a diverse range of products that we guarantee will meet all your needs for your specific hair care. A product favorite for many clients is the 7 Seconds Leave In Conditioner, a lightweight yet very moisturizing leave in conditioner that leaves all hair feeling smooth and soft. Unite has products for all hair types, whether you have thin hair and are looking for more volume, or you have curly hair and are looking for a product that will de-frizz and leave your curls with the perfect definition and spring! If you want the perfect hair makeover, just come in to the Salty Mane and we guarantee you will come out looking fabulous with the perfect products to keep your style lasting a lifetime. 


Salty Squad